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Jordan Super.Fly Low first color exposure 2013-12-08 22:33:34, this summer Jordan Brand main push actual shoes Jordan Super.Fly after getting good sales, recently on the network exposure of the low version of Jordan Super.Fly. The first exposure of the color for the color black and white ash, and high version of the low version still use Fuse uppers equipped with Lunarlon corrosion epicenter is different at the end of the toe low version of the more use of patent leather material is Air Jordan, feeling 11. But this color is too low-key, I believe there will be more colors come on stage, please look forward to it.Nike HTM Flyknit Chukka 2013-12-08 22:58:10 will be limited edition before we exposed the new Nike HTM Flyknit Chukka Flyknit Nike last year; is sweeping the Sneaker circle, the loading to Chukka shoes, do not know how to receive effect? But the sale of the two Flyknit Chukka equipped with HTM aura, I believe it will attract a lot of friends. It is reported that the two different color matching Nike HTM Flyknit Chukka will be limited in February 2nd in London's 1948 tide shops.went to a week Friday time today to our idle away in seeking pleasure, Beijing - Beijing. eatbig inside the yard yard is not very obvious, like ordinary people, only on the facade of the written En jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black glish Dali courtyard, through the lobby to slightly fainter, eyes are attracted to the beautiful garden, a lot of space, and many a table spring here is also covered in the greenhouse, over a period of time, Beijing gradually warming, here is the best place to watch the night scene, summer associated with the star, drink taste is after work, a good place for leisure. Cherry tree, pomegranate tree became the baby here, spring, so that the most natural style of Yunnan present in front of you. come here to eat mostly foreigners, set up shop in ten years, here has become the world famous courtyard restaurants may in Beijing you don't understand, the multinational media are reported here, so the foreign tourists to here to eat much more special. Not before serving, I with prejudice, what to see, what can the flowers live here. A serving overturns doubt seems slightly as the Western-style food style, but the taste of Yunnan flavor. Mint mix bean curd selection Shiping tofu do, especially with tenacity and gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Green papaya salad is cool. Sheep cheese in Beijing is really rare, strong bullet teeth, to the shop may wish to try. a little lemon leaf shrimp Beijing cuisine litchi export in Southeast Asia with freshness, big shrimp, rice essential. Potatoes fri Retro jordans for sale ed corned beef is the most popular dishes here, beef tenderloin in chef flavored with sunshine and wind the temper and become more texture, and stir fried potatoes, pork is clear, a bottle of wine companion, solid belong to people and delicious. Lemongrass fish with fresh tilapia, the freshly baked, citronella flavor to permeate in the fish, dense and delicate. is cooking with good taste, such as fried pork with Lemongrass mint flavor. Heating wild mushroom is Yunnan local cuisine, wild mushroom in more fresh leaves. Can a Dalite drink, let the fresh off all the bad mood. In particular, would like to say, the shop is western style meals on the way, only need to pay the entrance fee, Xpress some food products, of course, the delicious food and beautiful are enjoy the blossoms, the absolute value for money. Tips:recommends: dried beef, fried potatoes, grilled Lemongrass lemon leaf shrimp, wild mushroom bag burning. : absolute downtown in the quiet courtyard. service: warm and thoughtful. traffic: the Drum Tower East Main Street small factory alley 67. : the dining environment has been very hard to find, the taste is icing on the cake taste good. store information big inside 〉 in the footwear production output accounted for nearly half of the country's Guangdong, the first half of the jordans on sale online footwear export enterprises there have been, the number of exports significantly reduced. In another big shoe Province, Zhejiang, including some small and medium-sized enterprises, including Wenzhou enterprises, are facing the risk of bankruptcy. to encourage exports in the increasingly tough trade barriers and surplus under the pressure of foreign trade policy adjustment, RMB appreciation, energy and raw materials and labor costs, the policy of new energy-saving emission reduction requirements and the bank's tight monetary policy are squeezing profits in small and medium enterprises this meager strength of many weak. The enterprise will naturally difficult to hold on in the face of pressure. : previously, senior executives frequently visited some of the major manufacturing provinces in China, seeking solutions from the findings. And some companies have also issued the voice of the government rescue enterprises, and some experts even believe that Chinese enterprises are about to face a new round of closures. in fact, although the external environment does make a number of small and medium enterprises benefit affected, even industry reshuffle phenomenon, but it is precisely at this time, it is Chinese manufacturing industry faces in the throes of the "dawn" period. air jordan 11 space jam for sale a substantial decline in the number of Guangdong's exports of footwear products at the same time, we also noticed that the value of exports is still growing, each pair of shoes the average export price increase of nearly 30%, which also shows that the order to concentrate, to the intensive development of industrial enterprises. And in Wenzhou, we found that a large number of Zhejiang merchants out of small workshops, began to seek new scale and high value-added industries road. in fact, enterprises and human beings have a life. In the past, most of our small and medium-sized enterprises were developed at lower cost and better environment. Coupled with the good international trade environment in the past, domestic competition is not particularly fierce, and raw materials and labor costs have become competitive advantages of domestic enterprises export. However, as China's economic internationalization, while actively participating in international competition at the same time, we have to assume more responsibility for big powers. In this situation, some of the small and medium-sized enterprises that have survived in the baby's clothing will suffer from cold and fever due to poor immunity and even die from a serious illness. therefore, changes in the macro environment are not ne buy cheap jordans online cessarily bad things. Especially in the tightening policy, enterprises must improve their own immunity, physical fitness, in the wind and rain and forging their lighting accompanied by peals of thunder. For example, in terms of innovation efforts, or a little wind sways grass unbearable, enterprise. in the footwear industry in Guangdong, foreign trade exports and "OEM" production accounted for a large share, the lack of well-known guairu Chendai town street from the main road traffic, it is difficult to imagine, here was based on Anta, 361, XTEP and other brands. Looking around, the streets were narrow and ragged, and the cement roads were in disrepair, and the houses and storefronts beside them were in a mess. Rubbish on the streets of agricultural tractors and motorcycles and passenger pull goods human dray shuttle. in the last century in 80s seems on the streets, from time to time, Mercedes Benz and BMW cars, luxury cars and those around the imposing appearance of the street is a great contrast between the rich, but also notes the Chengai: it is understood that the Jinjiang shoe had 80% share from Chendai town. From the billboard, the small streets, roofs, and billboards of national stars and even world sports stars. Some people say that the former rural Chendai became the brig Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale htest star of today's atm. , Ding Zhizhong, Ding Shuibo, Ding five...... Mention Jinjiang shoe enterprise big shot, discover they are almost surname ding. Back in history, Quanzhou was the starting point of the maritime Silk Road, a group of Arabia immigrants here, mainly concentrated in Chendai, Arabia group of descendants surnamed Ding Hui. There are 13 villages in Chendai, mainly has a population of 7 villages are surnamed ding. said the formation of Chendai sports industry cluster, but also with some Nike. The last century at the end of 70s, Nike set up a factory to make processing of raw materials for its in Chendai town. At that time, Chen Tai shoe factory boss many of today's work in Nike factory. In 1983, a number of defective products appeared on Nike's production line. When Nike decided to destroy it, the shoe factory workers smuggled the shoes out for sale by themselves. Nike factory moved out angrily to the family. A group of shoemaking technicians who had worked in Nike factories stayed. This has buried today's footwear industry booming fire. at that time, today's XTEP CEO Ding Shuibo in a small river of Jinjiang Chen Tai put up a small shed, daily production of ten pairs of slippers, this is the day after the "Sanxing company" prototype. Today, Anta chairman Ding Zhizhong jordans on sale mens from the trade started, traveled through the town shoe factory, picked out 600 pairs of shoes that he thought the best to sell, went up north Beijing began selling shoes business. 5 years later, Ding Zhizhong returned to the family, and his co founded the "Anta" brand. The CBA operator resoon Sports General Manager Ding Guosi introduced, in honor, in Chendai private capital lending also the formation of the industrial hotbed. The situation was particularly serious at the time. This debt is based on the benign development, procurement, business, shoe manufacturers, is usually the first to get the goods after the payment, through the sale of the whole industry chain to grow, and this kind of debt has a great role of family enterprise cluster development. Taiwanese people have great learning ability. After the withdrawal of Nike, relying on technical workers, Chen Tai shoe enterprises blossom everywhere. Later, relying on foreign relations, Chen Tai shoe companies from around the world to get Everfount orders, before and after 1993, the history of the development of the footwear industry Chen Tai)adidas-consortium-2013-fall-winter-adizero-adios-2-1.jpg (316.32 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-7-26 00:49 upload the classic shoes remodeling practic cheap air jordans es under the adidas banner seems more rare than other brands, but the classic type of shoes Consortium in the autumn and winter of 2013 to launch a new Consortium adiZERO Adios 2 shoes will be born in 1984 with the latest adiZero adios 2 phase blend, and a more fashionable appearance. The announcement of the four pair of shoes with snake skin were used as inspiration, synthetic suede, waterproof mesh material and color elements to create, while maintaining sufficient function at the same time, give the shoes more in line with modern fashion appearance. adidas-consortium-2013-fall-winter-adizero-adios-2-2.jpg (332.55 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-7-26 00:49 Adidas uploadWhen it comes to Jordan Brand launched Air Jordan shoes, most shoe fans say top technology, the appearance of these shoes collocation, story and so on. However, Jordan Brand introduced some non positive series is not so familiar. Non normal generation series has experienced from the last century at the end of 90s began to launch, to shape now and occupy a certain market share. Below, and we review these shoes. 0.jpg (38.71 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-11 17:02 upload Air Jordan Son of Mars 1.jpg (27.79 KB, download number: 0) cheap foamposites download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-11 17:02 upload Team Flow White/Navy 2.jpg (31.85 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-11 17:02 upload 3.jpg (30.23 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-11 17:02 upload Jordan Melo M6 Future Sole 4.jpg (17.21 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-11 17:02 upload Team J White/Navy shoesswept the entire 2015 Nike classic Air Max 95 release will continue to usher in a new color. The latest exposure of this pair of "phantom" by the mesh, suede and leather manufacture of shoes, on both sides to light gray, dark gray to beige depth gradient, and equipped with signs the whole foot white cushion in the bottom and into. The shoe will be available in the near future at the major Nike designated outlets. source: 5POINTZThe stamp above the blue word about our oh ink shoes! "PG1 Glacier Grey" exposure 's first signature shoe Nike with PG 1 from the sale, with the appearance of dynamic fashion design, the actual performance is good, the majority of Sneakerhead's favor. Today George has a foot in the game of the blue and gray color, also exposed to commercial news! in front of this Nike PG 1 "Glacier Grey" by showing the o jordan 3 katrina 2018 verall tone on glacier grey, navy blue ink details and embellishment, create a simple and capable of fighting spirit! Nike PG 1 "Glacier Grey" item: -044 release date: May 19, 2017 sale price: $$110 maximum 42 yards! North Carolina color AJ6 sale this week! The Air Jordan 6 GS and Air Jordan while the "Pantone" series which is named as like as two peas, this "Still Blue". The uppers of North Carolina blue, white and white crystal in the bottom of the bottom to bring to the visual impact of the infinite. Litchi shoes will also bring body comfortable wearing experience. although the sale GS big boy style, but the maximum size is 9.5Y, that it gives a lot of men a chance to hand chop. Air Jordan 6 GS "Still Blue" item: -407 release date: March 25, 2017 sale price: $$140 full control Boost! Special adidas shoes would you buy? recently, Adidas Golf launched a new color of the Cross Knit Boost, the pepper cheese sandwich inspired elements into the design of shoes, shoes with white fabric mesh build, with full palm Boost soles, rubber sole collocation, details a dazzling green show, and a sandwich pattern the prominent theme in the insoles appearance well, full details! adidas Cross Knit Boost No: Q release date: April 3, 2017 sale price: $$180 buy buy buy! Ultra Boost will open a custom color! 2016 Adidas at the end of the year to celebrate the opening of the flagship store in New York, specifically to the ultra popular shoes Ultra Boost landing Mi Adidas platform, let the body can enjoy free customized services in New York friends, really let people envy! Adidas senior designer Federico Maccapa〉 but yesterday [global shoes network] Japanese creative brand unit Suicoke launched sandals, you may not have heard, but Xiaobian can tell you, it is now the Japanese sandals brand NO.1. Brand design mainly uses the nylon bandage wearable constitute the main body, with soft leather pads and high performance Vibram gold sole blessing. Suicoke slippers on the market are divided into two main categories: DEPA and SHACO. DEPA nylon 5 by the band, very suitable for summer in the upper part of the body; and SHACO was composed of 7 large area surrounded by nylon bandage uppers, relatively hot point. in addition to its own products, Norse Projects, JOURNAL STANDARD and other trendy brands are looking for Suicoke cooperation, brand sandals great heat will be self-evident. (shoes net Sun.G editor)Nike LeBron 10 & quot; Canary & quot; image exposure 2013-12-08 22:40:50 Nike LeBron 10 story still continues, has introduced a new color. Today, this network exposure "Canary" color of the new Nike LeBron 10, this Nike LeBron 10 & quot; Canary & quot; inspired by the rare canary diamonds. Use yellow in color and gray-black outsole uppers in the details of decorative and simple low-key, followed by the inside decor canary is this double Nike LeBron 10 points where, like a friend let us look forward to it all together to come.M+RC NORI day before more preview release, bringing a variety of jumper, camouflage caps, backpacks and other small items, from the preview chart, and is the second sold out rhythm. this series will be on sale in September. If you like, you can click here to enter the official website and register with the mailbox so as not to miss it. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! in two days, get will be 2, thank you, G friends, who have always supported and trusted get! by 2nd Anniversary chance, we prepared a big wave welfare small series, I now give you a burst of material, : the lower down down down down by time: May 13th - May 15th & limited indulgence and many benefits: spike dress shoes, 69 yuan, on hundreds of activities, shoes, money, popular explosion, the whole network copy the bottom price, there is always a dish of your The value of 599 bags buy send surprise there are also popular apparel items 2, 20 percent off, 3, 30 percent off, is full of reduction, enjoy real price discount, welcome to Taobao price partial explosion activity price anniversary Carnival lasts 3 days, welfare surprises, , hurry up and pay attention to it! Miss it for a year, ~~! in addition, move your finger forward, also let the little guys around you join us, # forwarding awards # prizes: worth 4099 yuan, Kan ye, white coconut, 1 pairs of II KAWSXUniqlo joint short sleeve 5 pieces value 100 yuan anniversary Carnival coupon 5, no threshold active time: 05/11 18:00-05/14 18:00 participatory approach 1, attention [get movement trend] public number, reply 2nd anniversary, get anniversary celebration activity diagram 2, share this picture to WeChat friends circle, and screenshot back to this public number 3, extracted a total of 11 lucky users, published at 18:30 on May 15th before the results draw a lottery worth 4099 yuan, Kan ye, white coconut, 1 pairs of II KAWSXUniqlo joint short sleeve 5 pieces 〉

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