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is aware of instagram's friends must pay attention to, there is a user named @s.sam.group in the two days before the picture of KAWS x a Air Jordan 4 branded shoes pictures, even KAWS himself in the instagram forward confirmed that brought KAWS x Air Jordan 4 branded shoes really for us. Not long after the shoes photographer @sneakerprophet_ is demonstrating the sole picture of this pair of shoes, luminous material translucent crystal in the bottom make it full of fun, I do not know if you have not thought of light shoes worn next door child childhood eye envy? In the sole of the shoe, KAWS's signature cartoon palm pattern is faintly exposed. It is a bit of detail that will not pass! The shoes are expected to be released at about $$350 this month, but the exact date is yet to be announced, so that Xiao Bian will bring you a continuing report on KAWS x Air Jordan 4!

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Quanzhou relay Guangzhou

is the largest, most high-end running activity, thermal power to run together most tide, most hi to young people, the formation of Party movement the most cool May 28th, continue to force, the Strait of Quanzhou sports center as the second relay station in Guangzhou!

by the thermal media spending huge sums to build the international high-end large-scale running "2016 wave" Black Tea unified ice electricity to run the first station of Guangzhou hot run, the only designated car brand SAIC Buick cool debut, 6000 Metrosexual fashionista together, has become the first to prove Chinese trend of a sports carnival. Then, the electric wave run will continue with the new upgrade of the content, the movement of the successful introduction of the public view, Guangzhou, Quanzhou, Zhengzhou, Xinjiang, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hefei, Beijing, Wuhan, Nanning, ten city space relay run, so that the trend of running quickly swept the country, let all the fans run have the opportunity to experience the most fashionable activities.

thermal power run is a common wave launched by the media and American R & D team night time 5 kilometers running experience, had 45 city in the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Hongkong and Taiwan and new China Chinese five continents in 23 countries and regions have successfully held. Many followers in the world. The key difference between ordinary night run is all the participants all bright, fluorescent, dazzling, exaggeration, full of youth invincible character, the trend I impatient, let me dance jump, claws, release all the energy. In 2016 across the country "unified Black Tea thermal electric ice run, more the five themes before the upgrade to ten fluorescence device, so that all participants limit cool experience harvest in large electro-optic scene. The only car brand SAIC general Buick, the United sponsors Tsingtao Brewery more open full interactive booth to attract eyeballs. In addition, audio equipment, fluorescent line upgrade night device, this year launched heavy wet party "link, all wet for you to see fashionista metrosexual man. This is definitely a great sultry opportunity, please beauty are ready waistline, guys hard days chest! As well as your little weather assistant, you don't have to worry about the wind and rain.

idol franchise leader, pioneer trendsetter gathered the most hi electric sound on

you have the opportunity to do warm-up games with the red star, the zero distance interaction, the bold expression of love! In this most hi site, you can enjoy the show superiority, open the APP wave, the live show your wonderful picture and idol in running together, let the outside fan friend yibaoyanfu! At this most capricious scene, you can always associate with like-minded partners. He / she may be a newcomer just entering the trend circle, or a passionate foreign big man. The combination of the fluorescent night run and the sound of the electric sound makes everyone free to integrate into the environment. International frontline DJ plus top stage configuration, instantly burst your small heart.

May 28th, 2016 "unify iced black tea"

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