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Tokyo marathon match.

as the "Oscar" in the marathon, the Tokyo marathon just ended last weekend, attracting 308810 people to sign up. Only 36500 lucky ones have been able to enjoy this "perfect" event, and Hangzhou girl Zhang Wenjie is one of them.

put on the dress, she is a financial enterprise executives; put on racing suits, she is a champion amateur Marathon: from Hangzhou to Beijing, from New York to Boston, in the past two years, Zhang Wenjie has not only satisfied with the domestic marathon experience, ran the four Grand Slam World Marathon she, to complete their first Grand Slam in six this year".

was a running champion
from an early age
in Boston, he falls in love with fitness

Zhang Wenjie is an authentic Hangzhou girl. Her friends call her "sister Ma". Mai is slim and clear, and has a good figure that makes countless people envied, and the talent from small sports is very prominent, and the primary school begins to run long run. In three years of high school, she won the women's four all-around, 400 -, 800 - and 1500 - meter Championships, and had won the relay race in the district.

Ma sister is born on 2007 to Boston police academy, Northeastern University project management, usually will go to see the Celtics and lakers. "I've never been fat, so there's never been a lot of effort in sports." But this idea changed greatly when Ma came to school in Boston. "The American sports culture is very deep. I used to run 1500 meters and 3000 meters in high school, and I was called" great God ". It didn't find anything in America. As soon as she found out that many of her teachers had run across the marathon, a teacher even said, "you can", that she could not run down 3 kilometers.

under the influence of classmates and teachers, Ma began to try to go to the gym, and successfully increased from 49 kilograms to 54 kilograms, and the physical fitness ratio dropped to 15% (the average physical fitness ratio of ordinary women was around 25%), which made her fall in love with fitness since then.

's annual salary is almost all for horse running

financial executives or fitness trainers

in 2014, the Hangzhou marathon was the first competition of Ma Jie. But in December, she underwent a cholelithiasis operation. Only 3 months later, the sister who was addicted to addiction went to Wuxi half horse and Zheng Kaiquan horse in two weeks.

last year, Ma sister participated in the 7 Wuxi marathon, half marathon, Zheng Kaiquan, Boston, Jiaxing Malaysia Malaysia, Malaysia, the Beijing half marathon in Chicago Malaysia and New York Malaysia, in the valley of investment, Ma sister never vague, she took out a $about 200000 salary for running. "The older generation told me that you could go to the Grand Slam of the World Marathon, so much envious, so I was moving."

because of the alma mater's complex, Mai made his first Grand Slam event in Boston. Go >

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