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jump square dance, what is the most important? Not dance, not music, not the rhythm, but a good pair of shoes! Many mothers always feel that they jump better than others, not as attractive as others, often because of bad shoes! Wrong shoes!
jump square dance finally has special shoes!The older the
, the more shoes he chooses. Many people begin to widen the front foot, the arch gradually collapsed, followed by fat pad atrophy, toe eversion, regardless of cloth shoes or ordinary sports shoes, there are inevitably crowded feet, feet, diaphragm feet. Walking a long distance, heel pain; long activity time, the wrist joint acid; square dance jump, the whole head buzzing. So, the middle-aged and old people exercise fitness, jump square dance, really need a pair of good shoes, a pair of special shoes!
double star square dance special shoes shocked30 years
double professional shoes, foot shaped shoe collection of tens of thousands of middle-aged and elderly people in sports dance enthusiasts, for the elderly exercise common shape and action to do the analysis of large amounts of data, and finally developed for movement in the elderly fitness professional shoes. The advent of double star shoes square! Using international advanced materials and innovative technology, successfully created the middle-aged and elderly square dance fitness shoes. Science and technology are full of sense, fashionable and dazzling, dancing more dazzling!

dancing aunt said, as long as put binary elderly square dance shoes, naturally, chest and abdomen, can not help but want to move, too soft! Too comfortable! The more you jump, the better you get, and the more you dance, the more confident you will get. Even to buy food, Liu Wan, grandson...... All reluctant to change, wearing it all day, where to light, do anything easy!

I believe we never seen such a unique canvas shoes, not only its unique shape, color is also very consistent with the flavor of summer, to sing the shoe shaped concise summer songs, highlighting the refreshing summer.

Gourmet 2011 spring summer UNO Canvas shoes, concise shoes, using 10 Ounce canvas material, rubber soles. This season offers dark blue, bright yellow, and pure white new colors.

In the village of
by visvim published Winter 2010 century brand new Kiefer-Hi Elk shoes. In the minimalist design, you can see the details of the national wind, woven on the shoes and the back, and show the special style of the red and white ribbon. There are black and white colors to choose from.

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