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the famous American skateboard brand Vans's high-end Vault extension Vans recently jointly San Francisco artist Scott Barry to launch a named "Between You and the Ground" in the spring of 2011 brochure. the 30 page product book did not particularly emphasize the characteristics of skateboarding, but more life, but also highlights this more emphasis on the characteristics of the life of the feeder. Unfortunately, this product book will be given only in designated stores in the United States, and friends from mainland China will not be able to meet. Therefore, we can only bring some previews for everyone. Shi Wei is showing off his running APP.
with the continuous development of mobile technology and networking, various types of APP emerge in an endless stream, constantly changing human life. This year, sporting APP has sprung up, with just five or six running APP. Able to locate, record data, share results, all kinds of convenience, stylish features, so that many people exercise their love. However, some people say that exercise should rely on their own perseverance, and continue to accumulate experience in practice, APP data is too rigid, should not rely on.

he loses weight by walking APP

26 year old bell can live in Luneng Star City District, to work in the vicinity of a medical center. Every morning, the clock's work line is this: go out at 7:30, walk about 30 minutes, arrived at the Tang courtyard bus station, and then take the bus to work. "Walk every day after work. That's how I do it."". The bell can say that this is the sport he is forced to make for himself.

bell can say, "I'm a little fat, and my beer belly is too obvious. Summer is coming. It's time to exercise and lose weight."".

in order to monitor themselves, the clock can download a special called "move health" step APP.

"set the goal of 10000 steps of the APP, walk to work, be able to complete the task, the clock can say, now 10000 steps a day walking exercise, has become his homework," seem a bit obsessive, if do see mobile phone very flustered".

"but if the 10000 step has been completed, I'm basically not going to move around, and because I feel I've already exercised, I'm more indulgent in eating."." The clock says that as long as he has finished the 10000 step of the day, he will return home and lie on the sofa.

she relies on running APP
for fitness
, who lives in the south bank District, is a primary school teacher. Monday to Friday school, on weekends, she often love to travel to go out to play, seven days a week is very full. However, despite this, she still can exercise, thanks to a man named "plump" running APP.

"I started using APP support a year ago, when I wanted to run, relieve stress and exercise.". I'm using it right now, not only to supervise me, but also to encourage me." Shi Wei says, the APP with GPS positioning technology, can accurately track the motion cues can also measure distance, speed, altitude, she is generally run about 5 kilometers, about half an hour, average speed of 9 kilometers per hour, with speed per kilometer 7 minutes or so, these are APP record.

Shi Wei said that although the burning calories are her motivation, but in fact, what she has been insisting on is another function of the APP. "Be able to take yourself"

"Cool running Festival" of the XiAn Railway Station

November 12, 2016, Chery automobile jointly launched the "Migu good run voice cool running Festival" Fifth stations in the ancient city of Xi'an to start running cool! Following the battle of the ancient city of Hefei, Suzhou, Jiangnan garden Juanxiu coastal Dalian and Eagle dynamic fashion and tradition are the intersection of Qingdao, "Forte cool running Festival" with "The Voice of China" champion Zhang Lei and Lee song sound students students came to Xi'an amtran. In the history of ancient capital, in the back of ancient humanistic thinking, in the era of sailing, thermal run! In addition, the scene of the beauty cheerleading team is also very eye - raising, plus the scene sent out of the million yuan awards, a total of more than five thousand people to participate in the race.
XiAn Railway Station
cool running special election in the Daming Palace National Heritage Park okimichi square, this is the place to use modern technology means landmark building up, with great momentum representation of the basic scale and the overall pattern of Tang Daming Palace, Daming Palace embodies the long history and rich cultural connotation of history. More than 5000 men dressed in fashion will run on fluorescent equipment assembly, run by fluorescence against the background of general non dazzling okimichi square.
's cool running link, "strong voice" strikes. The song sound Li Ruixuan took the lead in "the one you love" instantly ignite the audience's enthusiasm, and good folk good voice champion Zhang Lei by virtue of "life is a hot blooded wandering" and other popular songs for the late autumn of Xi'an sent the most intimate, the most warm greetings of music.

run, sing, and dance! The organizers especially arranged the beauty cheerleading team. They are not only the navigators of the cool race, but also the hot show on the stage. They become the brightest stars in the night sky. The XiAn Railway Station also added a link to a single group of single men and women, who let each single runner run the spark of fate in the process of running and say goodbye to singles.

the "Forte cool running Festival XiAn Railway Station ended, the next stop will be in November 19th in full of temptation and Sichuan style delicacy in Chengdu run! Think about it all! At that time, what is the hot and passionate attitude of Chengdu who loves gourmet and running? Let's wait and see!

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