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started a new season last weekend, including a bike niche category climbing race. Before the start of the day, Aalter square gathered the top five climbing drivers in UCI, preparing to challenge the high jump record of cycling Bunnyhop (rabbit jump). Bunnyhop: we often say that the rabbit jump, is the most basic climbing action car entry, in fact, not only climbing bicycle, mountain bikes, BMX, even road car Bunnyhop are technical skill introduction, the most basic action. Putting the most basic and simplest skills to perfection, jumping to the highest level becomes the most difficult challenge.
has 1.43 meters high

is in the evening, although the local minimum temperature affect the drivers' normal play but in the field of restless enthusiasm the audience gave great encouragement to the challenger, to break the record, essential to the warm atmosphere of the scene. Come to the God of all special skills, which has won several world champion Benito Ros, skip the initial height of 1.37 meters, but in the end stop. Other drivers on the ground have never been able to touch the record limit of 1.43 meters in 2014 by Rick Koekoek, a famous climbing driver in Holland. Rick Koekoek day state is good, continuous hit a new high, the audience gathered in the field from time to time emit bursts of exclamations! Finally, the incredible 1.44 meters advantage to beat other opponents. At the same time, after three years, with a slight height of 0.01 meters, broke his own Guinness world record! Congratulations to Rick Koekoek

on the surface, only inches, but like a sprint in 10 seconds and 10 seconds into the gap, and to challenge their own limits, in order to know the "faster, higher, stronger" is not easy to achieve. Rick Koekoek said in an interview: "very excited to create a new record of rabbit jumping."! Because the result was so unexpected! You know, the season is just beginning, and my peak hasn't arrived yet! It's great to be able to start my new season this way!
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